Our pillars have been designed to compliment the rugged and natural beauty of our steps. They are approximately five feet in height and just under two feet square. Ledgestone is a cultured stone on the left and Real Fieldstone is actual real quarried stone on the right. The apex cap on both is made by The Step Guys specifically for our pillars to provide maximum curb appeal.

A variety applications for the pillars include use as an accent marker, singularly or in pairs. A lamp fixture can be added for dramatic effect by creating a flat surface area on the apex cap for mounting. A conduit is cast internally into the piece to deliver hidden wiring to the lamp. Internal cavities for the flush mounting of mailboxes or newspaper delivery boxes can also be incorporated if the customer supplies the required dimensions when ordering.

The Step Guys supply the pillar with a 3' x 3' x 1' base for maximum stability and set the unit directly in place, provided the excavation is completed by others and the location is accessible to our delivery vehicle.