About Us

We’re the Step Guys: We’re Crazy About Steps

  • We manufacture unique precast concrete steps with the look of granite, using real fieldstone and brick

  • Our steps are durable, maintenance free, affordable- and beautiful

  • Our dedicated drivers and installers insure quality results

Step Guys is a division of George Roberts Co., one of New England’s leading suppliers of precast concrete products. From its start in 1962, the company built a strong reputation for its commercial and residential applications; including septic tanks, well tiles, and other drainage products.

In 1998 we decided to shake up the stodgy old precast step world in New England and The Step Guys was born. We produced our first completely unique precast concrete step in 1999, the Rockafella.  With a combination of Yankee ingenuity and hard work, we created a product that has proven to have many advantages over real granite, and it is so beautiful that lots of people take it for granite.  But we didn’t stop there.  In fact, some folks may think we’re a little eccentric because we’re so passionate about constantly improving our steps. That passion has made us the leading innovators of precast steps in New England. Since the Rockafella, we’ve added steps faced with real fieldstone and with brick.  We also now make rounded steps.